Larry Andrews
Dear Colleague,
        Since 1989, NB Labs has built more than 20,000 microwire electrodes and 630 JFET source follower headstages for various investigators. NB Labs has designed 19 different electrode arrays and bundles for investigators world wide. Our catalogue has been requested by more then 500 investigators world wide. 

Since 1990 investigators, using NB Labs products have published papers (38) in the Journal Of Neuroscience, Neurophysiology, Hippocampus, Neuron, Synapse, Nature, Alcoholism, Brain Research, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. and Science. In addition 156 Society Of Neuroscience Abstracts have been submitted. 

Scientists find that having our custom-made multichannel electrodes and headstages frees them to concentrate on their experimental preparation without a need to be concerned with the reliability of the electrode. 

NB Labs quality control procedures allow, for the first time, microwire electrode arrays and bundles to be available to many investigators in reasonable volumes at reasonable costs. 

Physiological investigators now have access to proven mutichannel electrodes and headstages. 

NB Labs will work with you to provide the highest quality electrodes and JFET headstages you want and need.  We stress quality and customer satisfaction.

Larry Andrews  Pres. Ceo. Gen Mgr.

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